Monday, March 22, 2010

On October 11th, 2009 I became a fulltime van dweller...

For the last few years I have talked about the next phase of my life as my "second life". Now I know there is a huge virtual reality group that came along a while back and made that phrase quite famous, but I came up with it first, so this is my interpretation of what that means to me.

For me, my "second life" denoted what my "intentional life" would be once I was able to leave the corporate/structured work life and live a life that I chose based more on my wants/needs. That life (now this life) was to be a life with much more freedom. My second life was a life that didn't have to be perfect (there is no such thing) but I wanted to live, really live before I leave this earth.

I have found that most of my adult life has been lived to take care of others (and myself) and factored into that endeavor, to a smaller degree but still a component was measuring up to the societal acceptance and approval. At 51, I am at a place in my life that only my monthly living bills need to be paid consistently. Thankfully, I have paid off my debt and am only responsible for myself now with my only child being a grown man on his own. Therefore, my financial needs are modest. Also thankfully, I own my vehicle (not the bank) and I don't need a lot of material things to be happy. What I do need and for the most part want, I pretty much have at this point. I am a gadget gal, love technologies' fun and helpful delights. But I don't have to rush out to get the newest glossy, glitzy, updated versions! So today, I am thankful for the preparations I have made (paying off debt, paying off vehicle, buying most of the things I need to take care of myself well with my "second life" plans) as well as having the mindset to move into a lifestyle in which I personally find more freedom, as opposed to staying within the accepted societal expectations only.

In June/2009 I finally left my latest several year "corporate gig" as the overall operations, office and marketing manager of a professional tax consulting/tax law firm, to embrace simpler choices in my own life. This phase of my life has been something I have sought and planned in abstract for the last 10 years, and in more specific terms for the last 2+ years. This past couple years I have literally planned what I needed to full-time Van Dwell. (What RVers often refer to as "full-timing"). I actually began full-time Van Dwelling on October 11, 2009.

I have a couple memberships that allow me use of a beautiful mountain/lake area for my home-base. I have the use of satellite cable, water and full electrical hook-up as well as a wonderful community atmosphere. The area has many amenities and perks that work well with who I am. I take about a 1 week close by trip every couple months & plan a couple more extended trips to further off areas during this year. (In 2011 I expect to be mostly traveling the USA & Canada.) If not basking in the beautiful scenery &/or enjoying the company of good folks, I am most often working on my websites as well as doing some writing that I am expecting to support me. My needs are minimal, but I plan to be successful enough to help others along the way as well as take good care of myself. I am determined to take very good care of myself in the also extremely important areas of health and spirituality.

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I will leave you with 2 quotes: "Mistakes are the portals of discovery." -James Joyce & "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo DiVinci

Blessings for Your Journeys, Brenda

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  1. Glad to see the new Blog Brenda! I don't really follow videos much. They chew up bandwidth so I am glad you will be posting stuff here so I can follow along with you! Hope you are doing well! Certainly seem to be :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"