Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Do I Sleep???

Note: I also have a new entry with a video & photos on my main blog here:

I have been asked several times about where I sleep in the van & if it is comfortable. First: Here are pics: 2 with the bedding & 1 of it removed with open flooring. I leave the bedding down most of the time now as I use it for seating also. :) I have a 1" thick gel mat on the flooring, topped with a 2" exercise mat, then topped with a tri-folded deluxe memory foam mattress topper (thanks Mom & Pop! :) to create my bedding/seating. It extends from the front seat to about 6" past the full length of the other side of the sliding door. I sleep on my side so it works out well as I also put 2 body pillows down in front of it when I sleep that extend between the portable A/C unit & the port-potty which gives me ample length when sleeping. LOL I finally found a benefit to being only 5 ft tall! And by the way: It is extremely comfortable! :) This type of option works well for me to give me enough space for the other items I need & want for comfort. :)

I used to sit in the passenger side chair with my laptop to work & then put my "sleeping pallet" out at night when I was ready to go "to bed". But as in so many things do it has evolved to my current much better & more comfortable set-up. Currently, again I most of the time leave the pallet/bedding in place as I found that sitting on it to work is so much more comfortable than the passenger seat was. In my latest video on my Photo/Video Blog: you can see how I set up a simple "desk" in front of me & put a couple pillows behind me (1 of them memory foam) to create a very comfortable seating option. Plus I like this option better because I have an almost 360 view of the scenic beauty around me. :) These pictures are a bit deceiving as with the height it looks like there is no room between the bedding/seating & the ice-maker ottoman etc., but there is actually a good foot at the smallest point of carpeted area in front of the pallet. So if you wondered... there you go. My son has sat on it & can tell you that it is quite comfortable! :) Just thought I would answer the questions & assure especially family & friends that I am quite comfortable. OK back to work for me! Have a great week everybody!!! :) ~Brenda

Note: I also have a new entry with a video & photos on my main blog here:

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